Sheridan enjoys a unique advantage from being located in three thriving communities in the Greater Toronto Area. Our relationships with Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton, are strong and growing. Each community has its individual strengths and characteristics, and all provide access to exceptional talent and strong industry and community partners.

Oakville has a deep cultural heritage and diversified economic base; Mississauga is a major Canadian city, providing a hub for industry and innovation; and Brampton is young and growing community, where new opportunities are emerging.

Sheridan Davis CampusSheridan first opened its doors in an old high school in Brampton in 1967, when the overall population was only around 40,000. Today Brampton is a dynamic city with a population of just under 600,000 and is home to our largest campus, the Davis campus, which currently has nearly 13,000 full-time students.

The history of Sheridan and Brampton have many parallels, and are inherently intertwined. The growth in population and student enrolment have followed corresponding trajectories. Brampton grew from a village, to a town, to a city, and did so in a relatively short time. It encouraged population growth, new partnerships with industry, and embraced change positively. Sheridan’s story is very similar. Our journey has taken us from a small community college to a thriving institution that eagerly innovates, works with the community through scholarship and research, and continues to grow a range of undergraduate degree and graduate programs. It is these major efforts, among others, that establish our institution as a leader in polytechnic education.

Brampton is a people centric city, and Sheridan is a people centric institution. The City of Brampton has focussed its strategic planning on a number of key areas: improving regional transit connections, building a health sector cluster, reigniting its downtown through major investment in infrastructure, and building an innovation ecosystem.

Sheridan has focussed its academic plan on building community, advancing quality teaching, supporting research/creative activities, embracing the strengths of students, and enhancing the student experience.

Over the last few months, we have been working in a number of key areas to solidify our partnership with Brampton. Many representatives from the Sheridan community participated in sessions with the City to create a vision for Brampton for 2041. The initiative, led by international consulting planner Larry Beasley, is set to chart the course for Brampton’s future.

We have been solidifying and growing our partnership with the Makerspace project. It was back in 2014 that Makerspace Brampton was created, a unique partnership between Sheridan, the City of Brampton, and Brampton Library. Since then hundreds of residents, students, entrepreneurs and visitors have come together to collaborate, share tools, knowledge and ideas. The focus has been around 3D printing and modelling, robotics, and we are exploring new ways to grow the partnership.

We are working with community partners to create a community forum, or Town and Gown partnership. Town and Gown relationships traditionally exist in communities with both a University and College presence, with high student populations. These partnerships anchor institutions to work together in a proactive way, to resolve issues and create strategies for the benefit of the whole community.

An External Relations Committee has been established to look at how we are engaging with external partners in a holistic way, and who are developing a plan to ensure that Sheridan is ready and engaging with industry and community partners in a proactive and meaningful way.

The 2017 relocation of our School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships to the Davis campus will continue to create new collaboration opportunities between engineers and apprentices in skilled trades programs.

Founded in 2005, the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies, or CAMDT was designed to respond to the particular needs of Brampton, where manufacturing is the top industrial sector and where (in 2013) 94% of all businesses had less than 50 employees.

As one of Canada's leading advanced manufacturing research centres, CAMDT is well-positioned to explore the next frontier of manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

New opportunities are also developing through a new partnership with Ryerson University as they, too, will create a new home in Brampton. As a fellow postsecondary leader in work integrated learning and strengths in the creative delivery of academic programming, this partnership is sure to create more opportunities for Sheridan and for students in Brampton.

Over the last 50 years Sheridan and Brampton have grown up together. We have embraced change together, built resilience and celebrated our successes. In the age of greater disruption and Industry 4.0, we will continue to grow together, to create, to innovate and to continue to build an educated, vibrant community.

Michelle McCollum
Special Advisor to the President, Community Outreach and Engagement

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