Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity (SRCA)

On February 26th Sheridan awarded the first 10 Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity (SRCA) Growth Grants from a fund established by the Provost & Vice President, Academic and Institute for Creativity & Creative Campus. These peer reviewed awards expand the scope of SRCA at Sheridan and facilitate increased levels of engagement for professors to pursue their scholarly, research and creative passions. Congratulations to these well deserving recipients!

Five recipients received $5,000 awards and five recipients received $10,000 awards. The recipients’ proposals cover a wide spectrum of SRCA and encompass the domains of discovery, application, integration, teaching & learning and creative activity.
Click here for a synopsis of the award proposals.

To support a campus wide integration of creative engagement, each of the successful SCRA Growth Grant recipients will become a part of the Institute for Creativity & Creative Campus, identified as an Institute Fellow. The community of Institute Fellows will participate in a symposium during the 2016-17 academic year to share their work with the community of Institute Fellows.

SRCA and You

Sheridan also continues to support SRCA through the Sheridan Undergraduate Research Office, the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the Centre for People and Organizational Development, and the Institute for Creativity and Creative Campus. These four areas support the development and implementation of SRCA with training, grant writing support, integration of SRCA into teaching and learning, financial support to pursue research and academic credentials with sabbaticals, professional development funding, information dissemination, curriculum development, and by helping to foster interdisciplinary collaborations to enable innovative approaches to SRCA initiatives.

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