Sheridan Journey: A Vision for Sheridan

Over our 50 year history, Sheridan has continued to evolve and grow to meet the changing needs of Ontario's post-secondary students. Continuing with this evolution, we have a Vision for Sheridan that will build on our current diploma and degree programs with the goal of evolving into a unique undergraduate university.

Sheridan Journey


Review academic literature and best practices at similar institutions, document the differences between the current student experience at Sheridan College versus the desired student experience at Sheridan University, and provide a series of incremental recommendations that demonstrate a clear pathway to the achievement of the desired state.


  • Develop a scope of inquiry, including the engagement team’s definition of ”student experience”, a literature review and examination of other institutions as it relates to the student experience
  • Develop strategic imperatives that establish the engagement team’s alignment to Sheridan’s vision and their connection to the goals that will make Sheridan vision a reality
  • Develop recommendations


These recommendations are designed to advance an environment of engagement and a student-first culture that resonates across Sheridan in all that we do. They are meant to move Sheridan toward our promise of offering the “best student experience”

  • Develop a culture in which every member of the Sheridan community employs a student-first, “customer” focus, understands their impact on the student learning experience and the importance of designing unique and memorable experiences for students
  • Prioritize the student experience in all decision making
  • Create sustainable systems and processes to support evidence informed decision making, assessment and continuous quality improvement to ensure academic excellence, effective innovation and an exceptional student experience in a rapidly changing world
  • Foster a sense of shared responsibility for an exceptional student experience; facilitate stronger, strategic, collaborative, and connected relationships among all units of Sheridan, accountable to work collectively, communicate effectively, share resources, and support each other to maximize their impact on students
  • Nurture a lifelong connection to the Sheridan community
  • Build a sense of pride in Sheridan by building the “Sheridan Story” and sharing/celebrating experiences, stories and traditions that reflect the soul of Sheridan
  • Foster active learning environments that provide opportunities for engagement, interactions and collaboration
  • Create channels of two-way communication between Sheridan and our students to allows for increased student agency
  • Facilitate, encourage and support active and meaningful student participation/involvement in decision making, planning, research, events, activities, etc.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of our students, their expectations, their needs and their experiences in order to educate and support diverse student populations and the uniqueness of each student
  • Build a supportive campus environment where communication, advising and services to students are student centred and supportive of their success
  • Create intellectual and social gathering spaces that ignite the imagination and encourage individual and collaborative contact
  • Recommended next steps
    • Continue research related to the elements of an exceptional and evolving student learning experience within the culture of a rapidly changing world
    • Provide opportunities for further connection, more wholesome sharing and collaborative planning with the other Engagement Team initiatives

Engagement Teams