Sheridan Journey: A Vision for Sheridan

Over our 50 year history, Sheridan has continued to evolve and grow to meet the changing needs of Ontario's post-secondary students. Continuing with this evolution, we have a Vision for Sheridan that will build on our current diploma and degree programs with the goal of evolving into a unique undergraduate university.

Sheridan Journey


To review the top priorities identified in the People Plan (as developed by Sheridan and Knightsbridge using an extensive consultative approach). Utilize the information to make recommendations on organizational best practices that align with Sheridan’s commitment to developing people and becoming an “Employer of Choice”, as well as being aligned with Sheridan’s journey to become an undergraduate teaching university.


Develop recommendations on organizational best practices related to the identified top priorities:

  • Communication and transformational change
  • Total rewards review
  • Management development
  • Leadership effectiveness


  • Communication and Transformational Change
    • Communicate ahead of needs and throughout the change process
    • Communicate what you know and what you don’t know
    • The importance of engaging in two-way communications
    • Keeping transformational communication different from other methods
  • Total Rewards Review
    • Provide PD opportunities
    • Arrange team building opportunities
    • Maintain a higher ratio of full-time versus pert-time staff within all employee groups
    • Offer subsidized tuition to children and spouses of staff
    • Allow staff option for shorter summer work shifts
    • Provide opportunities to telecommute
    • Provide updated staff lounges
    • Puddle tables available to staff
    • More televisions available
    • Introduce “play” area for socializing
    • Designated quiet space for staff
    • Introduce wellness initiatives
    • Offer free athletic memberships
    • Encourage social opportunities – golf, baseball, etc.
    • Day care at reduced cost to staff
    • Lower rate parking
    • More learning workshops at all campuses
    • Provide BYOL (lunch) workshops
    • Activities such as book clubs, group excursions, etc.
    • Arts and crafts day or evening class in arts
    • Volunteer Days paid to allow staff to give back
    • Increase PD funding
    • Provide staff with mentors, career planning, etc., to assist promotions
    • Cash bonus incentives for staff who make academic accomplishments
    • Subsidized meal plans at a cafeteria with health conscious options
    • Employee referral bonus
    • Matching RRSP contributions in addition to pension funds
    • Provide health benefit options beyond retirement
    • Offer staff coverage for fertility treatments
    • Top up maternity leave of 100% for over 17 weeks
  • Management Development
    • Model A: Competencies Based Model (Self-Assessment Tool and Individual Development Plan)
    • Model B: Management Development Competency Curriculum Models (New Manager Orientation Program; CALM – Certificate in Advanced Leadership and Management Development)
    • Leadership Effectiveness

Engagement Teams